Reliable And Secure Home Based E-Waste Solution: With the technology sector constantly evolving, hundreds of new electronic gadgets are churned out every day, each one outdoing the previous in terms of performance, ease of use and entertainment quotient. With more and more people preferring to regularly update their gadgets, the question of what happens to the discarded devices arises.
As responsible citizens it is imperative that we should learn how to dispose of outdated electronics appliances in proper ways since ineffective disposal poses a threat to the environment.
Simran Infotech is a professional e-waste recycler that can help you to enable proper and easy disposal of e-waste and will guide you with the detail procedure of how your waste is recycled with us. Our Operator Will Contact You At Your Home, Collect You’re Electrical And Electronics Waste And Ensure 100% Recycling Of Your E-Waste In Proper Ways.
Your One stop solution for E-Waste Management.

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